Monday, August 25, 2008


one fine day in a hot discussion of the best system to adopt my friend argue that democracy is best i asked him being not to argue because it is the only way to go progressive but dear, what i understand that in democracy system trancperancy is the key can u elobrate the need of diplomacy in democracy and if diplomacy is transparent then whether it is good in our so called burocracatic system i.e latest the so called motion of confidence their were democracy indeed in every one who perform his right to vote understand that the way we are progressing towards economically sound , my little mind still thing of GDP , even my panwala asked crude is( badh raha hai) soring high this way the prograssive world of individual and comparer the knowadge society which is creating fashion house at highest level just to creating drama of cash " if democracy is for diplomatic relation between individual i feel in so called diplomatic relation transparency is must" we dont need to understand the value of power generation we quite understand u can t stop changes but we need to know why these changes need diplomacy


P. C. Rampuria said...

Mr. makarand your post is very good . Keep it up.

डा. अमर कुमार said...


Bravo, is it really you ?
Your writings would make a history.

fundebaj said...

you have written mind blowing lines regarding today's scenrio.

विक्रांत बेशर्मा said...

You have done a great job....keep up the good work !!!!!!!!!

Smart Indian - स्मार्ट इंडियन said...

Great job Makrand, need a little work on semantics though.

Best wishes!