Thursday, April 17, 2008


being an individual i gone through many moments which experienced that the way our confidence our positive attatiude works the mindset of the person being with us changes his thoughts let me say if i asked read between the lines every body start reading the para by feeling to get out of that para which is nothing but expression of a simple story book of kids
what i feel kids are smarter to read between the lines i.e. if i ask my son see if u right properly i will buy chocklate for u the moment he hear he reply can i buy chocklate from that store and next as i said papa he is not writing daily but he is getting same the compraison the kid does is nothing but between the lines


डा. अमर कुमार said...


why don't you regularly write man ?

Your composition is perfect and it
seems that you have power of words too.

Just expand the the central theme with a little imagination. Don't be shy and don't care for comments of any sort..
either good or bad .
Most of the time, they are irrelevant.
All the best !

makrand said...

thanks i write some more about system if possible go through it

makrand said...
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